How long is Shipping?

Shipping time normally takes 7-15 business days as we use e-packet and alternatives for our preferred shipping methods. Order processing can take up to around 10-15 business days which creates an overall shipping time of around 17-30 days with weekends excluded.

Why is shipping so long?

Shipping can be slightly lengthier due to our retailer’s locations found around the world. Combined with our devotion to providing the best quality of shipping at the most affordable rate, this lengthens delivery time. Many of our products arrive significantly earlier than expected.

Will this order get to me before a certain day?

If you plan to give one of our items as a holiday gift, we do not recommend buying the items during the month of the holiday. There is a risk of the item not arriving on time. We are not to be held responsible for items that do not arrive before a specified day.

I ordered multiple items and only got one! Where are the rest?

Clash Couture partners with multiple retailers to provide you a wide variety of fashion pieces to choose from. If you ordered more than one item, then it has most likely been shipped later than the other items. If a specific item never arrives even after the shipping time period you are eligible for a refund.

Refund and Return Policy:

If you require a refund please fill out the Refund Request Form We are very understanding and want you to have the best shopping experience possible at Clash Couture. 

Question not listed?

No need to worry! If you have a question which is not covered under FAQ feel free to ask it at